Takashi Hosokawa

1964 · Japan

Artist biography

Reviving the historical traditions of Japanese art in his strikingly modern creations, Takashi Hosokawa has developed a body of work the resonates with a larger contemplation of the materiality of his creations. Allowing the elements of his media to shine in each meticulous creation, Hosokawa brings forth conventional symbols and figure through unconventional pairings. Viewers of his work can become enveloped in the rich imagery that Hosokawa captures in each of his daring visual escapes.

Born in Kochi, Japan, in 1964, Hosokawa began study in 1989 at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and continued to do so through the completion of his doctorate in 1994. He has been decorated with accolades, from the receipt of the Ataka Eiichi Prize for Art in his early days to his receipt of the HOLBEIN Scholarship in 2001. Solo showcases of Hosokawa’s work include those at the Fuji Gallery in Osaka (2016); Horyuji Gallery in Nara (2017); and Galerie Biesenbach in Cologne (2019).

Takashi Hosokawa

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