Stephen Smith

1975 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Stephen Smith is an artist/illustrator known for working mainly with installation, painting, drawing, and print. Through a process of deconstruction and abstraction, he rebuilds the work with a new form and language. The function of the canvas shifts from a neutral vehicle to a fundamental component of the artwork, as it is ripped, folded, cut, sewn, torn and layered.

Smith’s works are drawn from topics such as conspiracy theory, black holes, bit-rot or psycho-geographic post-traumatic landscape. Through these themes, Smith creates new forms and motifs and their iterations create in turn a new work and a new dialogue that moves between fluid and dramatic tempos. This dialogue is clear in Smith’s work surface, where the artist seems to try to capture the spontaneity and the process of creating the work’s final repetition.

Born in 1975 in the United Kingdom, Smith won the award ‘best design of the year’ in 2016 by Creative Review Awards for his installation Vital Arts at the Royal London Hospital. He founded Neasden Control Center where clients can commission several projects, from editorial illustrations to installation for interiors, hotels, offices, and institutions.

Smith has exhibited his work internationally including Mu (Netherlands), Baltic Center for Contemporary Art (UK), Nam June Paik Center (South Korea) and Calm & Punk Tokyo (Japan). The British Council and The Arts Council of England have supported his work.

Stephen Smith

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