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STATIC is the brainchild of London based image makers Tom Jackson and Craig Evans. Tom and Craig met at art college and went on to complete Bachelor of Arts degrees in Edinburgh and Liverpool.

This dynamic duo has been producing work together since 2006 when they returned to Scarborough in the North East of England and set up a studio together. They subsequently moved to East London.

The work of STATIC is known for its combinations of graphic and patterned imagery. Using a combination of screenprinting and mixed media techniques, STATIC’s work marries elements of street art with fine art, using stencils, spray paint, screen printing and paint brushes, creating eye-catching art. As their experience and technical skills have improved they have moved to blending visual samples, images and objects across layers of glass with pieces of paper. Although the basics of their craft was learnt at university they have developed their skills through the trial and error of different approaches since they began working together.

STATIC pursue themes of pop culture, celebrity, beauty, power, faith, belief and identity in their work. Craig Evans has noted that the greatest threat to the art world today is, “Mediocrity, virtual reality and the rapidly diminishing attention span of the human race.”

Their first solo exhibition appeared in London in 2010 which was followed up with a solo exhibition in Japan. Their work has also been exhibited on the streets of London as well as a number of international gallery spaces.


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