Sonja Larsson

1955 · Sweden

Artist biography

Sonja Larsson is an established contemporary artist, who was born in Sweden, like other renowned artists such as Mats Gustafson, Lars Nilsson, Gun Gordillo, Anders Ørnberg, and Ingegerd Råman. Sonja Larsson was born in 1955.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Sonja Larsson is represented and exhibited by Cecilia Hillström Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden. Sonja Larsson most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Cecilia Hillström Gallery in Stockholm with the exhibition Unfold Painting. The exhibition was open from 11 January 2018 until 17 February 2018.

Further Biographical Context for Sonja Larsson

Sonja Larsson was born in 1955 and was primarily inspired by the 1970s growing up. The art sphere of the 1970s was characterized by a desire to grow and strengthen itself, as a reaction to the many conflicts of the previous decade. One of the most central movement of the 1970s was Conceptualism, which appeared as an offshoot of Minimalism, while the experimental, creative voyage of Process art materialized by combining essential features of Conceptualism with further considerations on art itself. The earliest ideas of environmentalism bounced from Land Art, which took art into earth itself, carving the land and bringing art to the outdoors. For the first time since the regression of Abstract Expressionism, Expressive figure painting slowly resurfaced and regained its status, particularly in Germany through the works of critically acclaimed figures Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer and Georg Baselitz. The city of New York remained as the most prominent artistic hub of the decade, with global artists drifting through the downtown scene, frequenting bars and art galleries, strengthening the idea of New York City as a cosmopolitan and refined cultural capital. In the eastern part of the globe, Japanese and Korean artists who showed a strong interest in the European philosophy of phenomenology, associated with the Mono-Ha movement, exploring and shifting the boundaries between natural and industrial materials. Using stone, glass, cotton, sponge, wood, oil and water, they aimed to create life to artworks that would emphasize the ephemeral state of these various elements and their surroundings, playing with their interdependency.

Sonja Larsson