Sergei Eisenstein

1898 - 1948 · Russian Federation

Artist biography

Renowned film director and theorist Sergei Eisenstein can be thought of as the father of the theory and practice of montage. Best known for his silent films Strike (1925), Battleship Potemkin (1925), and October (1928) he also created great historical epics like Alexander Nevsky (1938) and Ivan the Terrible (1944 and 1958).

Born in 1898 in the Russian Empire in what is now Riga, Latvia his childhood was spent on the move. Eventually he found himself at the Petrograd Institute of Civil Engineering, where he studied architecture and engineering, following in his father’s footsteps. By 1918 he left school to join the Red Army to serve the Bolshevik Revolution, and provided propaganda for the October Revolution in 1920. His 1920 move to Moscow led him into the film world, where he found great success nearly immediately.

Eisenstein died of a heart attack in 1948 just after his fiftieth birthday but he lives on in the continued success of his films which had been awarded two Stalin Prizes, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Badge of Honour. In 2018 Google celebrated his 120th birthday with a “GoogleDoodle”. International film critics the world over agree that it is possible that no other filmmaker in history has surpassed Eisenstein in his understanding of his art.

Sergei Eisenstein

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