Serafim Pavlovsky

1903 - 1989 · Russian Federation

Artist biography

Serafim Pavlovsky (1903-1989) is one of the true masters of Soviet art.

In his artworks he united various motifs, paying attention to blue and pink colors. As for his pieces of art, they always reflect harmonic forms and textures.

Pavlovsky got his education in Novgorod art college and also studied art in Higher Art and Technical workshops. While studying academic art Pavlovsky learnt the basis of fine art, as well as its history.

The artist worked in various techniques, including oil painting, stained glass, mosaic, wall painting and sgraffito. Owing to his skill, Pavlovsky became the member of the Union of the soviet artists in 1940.

He held diverse exhibitions in Moscow (1965, 1973, 1986), also taking part in international shows in Brussels (1958), Paris and London (1961).

Topics which Pavlovsky was really interested in included flowers, landscapes, the nature itself, the images of women, etc. In order to show the beauty and magic of these images, Pavlovsky used various approaches in paintings. He always looked at things with a fresh look and made his artworks sensually and richly. That is why he was a really talented artist.

In his “Compositions” Pavlovsky united various bizarre forms to depict significant topics like perplexity, fear, compassion, etc. As for this artists’s landscapes, they reveal his true mastership as a painter. He used soft subtle colors to convey the beauty of nature, as well as its magnificent inner being.

All in all, he has become one of the most recognized soviet painters, being absolutely dedicated to art, life and his own soul.

Serafim Pavlovsky

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