Samuel Bassett

1982 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Using his own life story as the central inspiration for his work, British artist Samuel Bassett selects moments from his everyday life to become showcases in rich detail in his art.

Perhaps challenging himself to find a sense of compositional vivacity in an otherwise unenthused and quickly forgettable moment of the day, Bassett succeeds at transforming these otherwise peripheral minutiae into splendid studies of the self. Fracturing his day into this microcosmic slivers of introspection, Bassett offers to the viewer of his work a painfully honest portrayal of his life, his idiosyncrasies, and his overall humanity.

Born in St. Ives in 1982, Bassett has enjoyed ample opportunity to showcase his work around Europe. Recent exhibitions of Bassett’s work include “The Great Squall” at Anima Mundi in St. Ives (2017); “From Wood and Leather Boots” at Galerie Kornfeld in Berlin (2018); and “One of One” at After Projects in London (2019).

Samuel Bassett

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