Ruth Van Beek

1977 · Netherlands

Artist biography

Ruth van Beek’s collage works originate in her archive. Her tools, source material, and context are the images she uses from old photo books. By folding, cutting, or adding pieces of paper, Van Beek rearranges the image, creating interventions that reveal new meanings and universes.

Van Beek often uses contrasting images: the literal and the abstract, life and death, and the limits versus the endless possibilities of the archive. By working with closed archives, Van Beek challenges the limitless availability of information in our contemporary society.

Van Beek lives and works in her 18th century cottage in Koog aan de Zaan, near Amsterdam. Her work has been shown worldwide in various solo and group exhibitions. In the past years, she exhibited in London at Flowers Gallery (2015), in Antwerp at Gallery51 (2015) and in San Francisco at Fraenkel Gallery (2014). She is represented by the Ravestijn Gallery in Amsterdam, where she had a solo show in 2017.

Ruth Van Beek