Russell Nachman

1966 · United States

Artist biography

Russell Nachman (b. 1966) holds a MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

A continual use of allegory serves Nachman’s critical look at his roots as well as our culture at large. He paints watercolors of discarded utopian dreams, depicting figures at the edge of society and the world at large.

Using the trappings of Black Metal culture, Nachman portrays a harlequin of our time. The Black Metal tradition is one of contradictions, steeped in rebellion and hedonism, yet seeking absurdly antiquated notions of purity and truth. Nachman’s modern day jesters, seen as buffoons of Black Metal, become unwitting relaters of an unspoken truth — the folly behind all our masks.

Influenced by Christian art and painters such as Caravaggio, Nachman moves freely within symbolism and iconography.

Russell Nachman has mainly exhibited in New York and other various places in the US.

Russell Nachman

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