Ricardo Passaporte

1987 · Portugal

Artist biography

Using the imagery of mass media and advertising as the inspiration for many of his works, Portuguese artist Ricardo Passaporte understands the essential role that such images have come to symbolize in our modern world.

Whether it is the brash combination of yellow and blue seen in the Lidl logo or if it is the stylized representation seen on a magazine’s cover, Passeporte appropriates these forms and renders them in a style that clearly does not aim to copy their original use. Rather, Passaporte tends to draw attention to the hand-drawn, homespun nature of their creation. Accordingly, Passaporte implicitly asks his audience to consider the very nature of making art and the dichotomies between the mass-produced and the uniquely singular art object.

Born in Lisbon Portugal, in 1987, Passaporte studied at both the Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã, and the Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon. At both institutions, he specialized in the art of fashion design. Recent exhibitions of his work include “When Quality Is Cheaper” at the Galeria Alegria in Madrid, Spain (2016); “Employee Of The Month” at Ruttkowski68 in Cologne, Germany (2017); and “It Was a Very Good Day” at Eduardo Secci Contemporary in Florence, Italy (2018).

Ricardo Passaporte

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