Poren Huang

1970 · Taiwan

Artist biography

Utilising copper and stainless steel for their high melting points and durability, symbolising eternity, Poren Huang’s work is full of symbolism and reverence. Most famous for his sculptural series of dogs, including “The Dog’s Notes” and “Taiwan Dogs”, these pieces are meant to speak to the loyalty and respect he has for his family, while also drawing in an audience through amusing proportions. His work aims to portray kindness and create a positive influence on the world — indeed, he occasionally incorporates gold leaves into his sculptures, in order to further convey these ideas of light and positivity.

Poren Huang was born into an artistic family in 1970 in Taichung, Taiwan as both his parents and grandfather engaged in the wood carving business. He went on to major in sculpture at Fu-Hsin Trade and Art School, and joined the Graz International Sculpture Exhibition in Austria by 2001.

Huang’s work can be found in the collections of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, and his work “The Archer” has been published in textbooks for Taiwanese senior high school students. Poren Huang has exhibited in prominent art fairs throughout Taiwan and internationally. He continues to produce his work in his family’s wood carving factory in Taichung.

Poren Huang

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