Philippe Segeral

1954 · France

Artist biography

Philippe Segeral is a contemporary artist exclusively working on drawings, in lead pencil or charcoal, often mixed with ink and sometimes pastels. His drawings are a testimony of what the lost travellers experiences and remembers. From the mark of trees, rivers, the sinuous paths and the light which magnifies them between Paris and Normandy, he creates his works. Philippe Segeral considers his subjects as "sparkles of eternity that are sometimes offered to us, for no particular reason, which we are later astounded to have kept in mind, these memories being so little spectacular, so very common. Yet our soul was not fooled for a second, it immediately recognised the true nature of the instant and stamped it with a permanent mark". The invitation to travel can neither be declined or postponed. And this is what Philippe Segeral does: he invites us, work by work, to step into a poetic reality that the wanderer almost missed.

Philippe Segeral

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