Philip Gerald


Artist biography

Philip Gerald is a modern artist, who originates from Ireland, like other celebrated artists such as Rebecca Gilbert, Cathy Wilkes, David Quinn, Yuri Pattison, and Miriam Dowling.

About Philip Gerald's work

Philip Gerald is famous for creating figurative work. Some world-renowned artists acclaimed for their figurative artworks include Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso or Paul Cézanne. Figurative art is a rather broad category, which can be simply designated as being the farthest from abstract art, since it principally consists of the representation of objects or figures holding a strong reference to the real world. Although it can be described as such, Figurative art nonetheless remains highly resourceful and inventive, encompassing a variety of styles and mediums, spanning from Photorealism to Neo-expressionism.

Philip Gerald's exhibition

Philip Gerald's work are exhibited at the exhibition, Chronicles Vol. 2 at Galerie Droste Wuppertal in Germany. The exhibition is currently open and closes on the 03 April 2020.

Philip Gerald has one work available for purchase on Artland at the moment.

Philip Gerald

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