Paulius Šliaupa

1990 · Lithuania

Artist biography

Paulius Šliaupa – young-generation artist. In 2013, he graduated the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in painting. The artist has been participating in group exhibitions since 2011. One of his first solo exhibitions was presented at Meno Niša in 2015. Artists’ works have been exhibited at art fairs in Berlin, Budapest, Köln and Vilnius.

Paulius Šliaupa’s active creative work and surprising experiments of unique painting expressions put him among one of the most interesting Lithuanian painters of the young generation. In addition to painting, Šliaupa uses camera arts and dry pastels in his works to explore everyday life and to notice the things that many others find to be too ordinary to be important.

In his paintings, the artist adds importance to such themes as noise, endless information flows, nature, mobility. The artist says he is most latched to landscaping which he finds to be the most helpful for engaging in self-observation. In his canvasses, he is in search of a balance between a man and a thing. The artist uses different thickness of paint and canvass, texture and layers to render corporeality and tangibility to the objects he depicts. The canvas and paint become a sort of forms that start rendering their own meanings. The surface of the artwork perpetuates the attitude, feeling and individuality, concurrently entering the painting process time.

Paulius Šliaupa

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