Paul Pretzer

1981 · Estonia

Artist biography

Blending references to famous Renaissance paintings with allusions to contemporary popular culture, Pretzer’s oil paintings range from the disquieting to the humourous. Playful and off-kilter, his work’s strongly symbolic nature invokes the paintings of past surrealists but; his characters and narrative are unique to him alone. His marriage of historical genres with surreal, otherworldly themes, creates contemporary works that are methodically mindful of composition, color, form, light, and technique.

Born 1981 in Paide, Estonia, Paul Pretzer completed his Master of Fine Arts in 2007 at the College of Fine Arts in Dresden. Since then he has exhibited widely throughout Europe and the United States including solo shows in New York, Dresden, Miami, Berlin, and Hamburg. He was the Artist in Residence in 2009 at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha and in 2015 at the Espronceda Center for Art & Culture in Barcelona. His work can be found in the private collections of Bundesbank Leipzig, Germany; Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York; Richmond Collection, New Zealand; Rubell Family Collection, Miami; SØR Rusche, Germany; and Städtische Galerie Dresden, Germany. He currently lives and works in Dresden, Germany.

Paul Pretzer

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