Nohemi Perez

1962 · Colombia

Artist biography

The work of Nohemí Pérez, multidisciplinary, revolves around the relationship between men and nature; the conflicts, tensions and genesis that arise from this constant friction.

Based on the notions of architecture, cinema and sociology, the artist proposes a rereading of the Catatumbo territory; a geographical region with a very particular natural and sociocultural ecosystem. From the conquest until today, Catatumbo is the scene of multiple conflicts that have been transformed to compose a complex plot of anachronistic situations characteristic of Latin American contemporaneity. Illegal armed groups of right, left, native tribes, evangelical missionaries and large multinationals of mining and drug trafficking coexist in this jungle region.

Nohemí mainly uses charcoal in her work as a reference to mining; Another recurring element is charcoal, with which she aims to make visible the exploitation of natural resources and at the same time the violence that this triggers. From the territory of her memory and her affections, Nohemí Pérez reconstructs the history of her origin and thus, collects the voices of those who live and have lived the Catatumbo from the close emotional ties of their experience.

A particular interest in Nohemí's work is to draw new symbolic and geographical maps that correspond to the various realities of the Catatumbo to allow it to appear on the scene of reconstruction and peace.

Nohemi Perez

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