Nina Zdanovic


Artist biography

“Most of my paintings are like a snapshot of a lucid dream: some things are real, some things are not, and it’s not possible anymore to tell them apart. I feel like even the most simple daily moments will become a nostalgic ‘era’ of our lives. It is up to us to appreciate the beauty of it now, before it becomes a memory.” - Nina Zdanovic

Nina Zdanovic, artist from Lithuania, currently living and working in Tokyo, in her artworks shows everyday life mixed with oriental and east Europe cultural traditions and this makes Nina’s works extremely unique. Colors, that are being used in artist’s paintings varies from baby pink to muddy brown and it helps Nina to show how one-of-a-kind her style is. By this uniqueness Nina is challenging herself and the viewer to encapsulate the moment which is happening right now. Nina’s canvas can be very detailed and the same time very abstract - here is where artist is revealing her lucid dream - the mix between the real and imaginary world.

Nina Zdanovic

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