Nikolaus Gansterer

1974 · Austria

Artist biography

Fascinated by both the action and product of drawing, Austrian innovator Nikolaus Gansterer is driven to use his art as a means to map his own experiences.

The element of mapping is a quite literal one, as Gansterer seems compelled to use his to make sense not only of his world but of the multitude of connections and parallels within it. By incorporating references to other fields, such as philosophy, and other methods for artistic investigation, Gansterer enlivens his body of work with such diverse points of reference.

Born in Austria in 1974, Gansterer earned a degree in anthropology from the University of Vienna in 1997 as well as a degree in sculpture from Vienna’s Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst in 2000. He then completed his MA at the University of Applied Arts in that same city in 2002. Today he remains in the Austrian capital city and has developed an expertise in teaching and lecturing alongside his receipt of numerous notable residencies and awards, including a Research residency at Expo Milano, Italy (2015) and a win of the MAC International Art Award in Belfast, Ireland (2018). Recent exhibitions of Gansterer’s work include “Le Bouc Divin” at Wiels Art Centre in Brussels (2018) as well as his 2019 participation in both the 14th Sharjah Biennial in Kalba, UAE, and the 58th Venice Biennial.

Nikolaus Gansterer

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