Michael Kvium

1955 · Denmark

Artist biography

Using realist precision to conjure often frightening forms, Danish painter Michael Kvium sees his art as a vehicle to examine the human experience.

Ranging in palette from the deep and somber to the bright and pastel, Kvium’s power as an artist stems from this ability to master such a range while also upholding his central premise of exploring humanity with an overarching sense of honesty. The nude is a central form of much of his work, however he upends expectations might not representing it following the rules of the art historical canon; rather, he conveys with a striking candidness that makes his work all the more real.

Born in Horsens, Denmark, in 1955, Kvium trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Following his studies, Kvium teamed up with colleague Christian Lemerz to establish Værkstedet Værst, a space for emerging performance art. He has been an avid exhibitor of his work: recent solo showcases include exhibitions at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg (2015); the ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art (2017); and Tang Gallery in Hong Kong (2018). Kvium is based in Copenhagen and has enjoyed the reception of his work into some of the world’s most notable museums, including the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Cabinet Des Estampes in Geneva, Switzerland.

Michael Kvium

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