Michael Bevilacqua

1966 · United States

Artist biography

Pulling the smooth visual language of the modern Pop art world into abstract slurries of form, color, and dynamism, American artist Michael Bevilaqua has earned international acclaim for his vibrant compositions that borrow concepts from across the field.

Establishing many of his works within the context of what he himself loves or enjoys, Bevilacqua uses his work to explore the bounds between the personal and the public, or what is real versus what is fake. The result is a body of work that hints at the biographical yet becomes so inextricably linked to contemporary culture through logos and other borrowed motifs that it is up to the viewer to interpret what he or she sees.

Born in Carmel, California, in 1966, today Bevilacqua is based in New York. Bevilacqua attended the Cambridge College of Art and Technology in Great Britain from 1988 to 1991, the same time he was completing work at Long Beach State University. Recent solo showcases of Bevilacqua’s work include the exhibition, Celebration, at The Museum Alex Mylona – Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece (2010).

Michael Bevilacqua

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