Mehdi Ghadyanloo

1981 · Iran

Artist biography

Tapping into the root emotions of the human experience, Iranian painter Mehdi Ghadyanloo conveys novel environments in his paintings that recall an ideal while also underscoring reality.

Selecting feelings such as fear or loss to underpin many of his works, Ghadyanloo aims to encourage a sense of universality in his work such that his paintings can speak to all of humanity across cultures and times. This philosophical approach is tangible in his art and recalls the artist’s own contemplations as a young boy when living through the Iran-Iraq war. Toying with the tensions of sorrow and hope, Ghadyanloo’s art brings a message that continues to inspire today.

A rising figure in the art world, Ghadyanloo earned his BA degree from Tehran University’s College of Fine Arts in 2005. He enjoyed his first international showcase of his work in London in 2017 and continued to hold the reputation as one of Iran’s most celebrated muralists, as between 2004 and 2011 Ghadyanloo conjured more than 100 massive murals throughout Tehran.

Mehdi Ghadyanloo

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