Max Frintrop

1982 · Germany

Artist biography

German artist Max Frintrop creates works that are seemingly accidental compositions, as if emerging from the leftovers of other works. At play, however, in these dynamic creations is an innovative exploration of form, gesture, and color.

Basing his works in neat geometric forms, Frintrop breaks down the rigidity of those bounds by manipulating borders. Adding interruptions in the form of splatters and streaks of ink and gradients of color, Frintrop adds a refreshed feel to these works as if they are governed by chance. This sense of spontaneity adds a documentary quality to these works in that it appears as if they have just been completed; taken as a series of works, these compositions offer an attractive conversation on the gestural power of art.

Born in Oberhausen, Germany, in 1982, Frintrop studied at the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf, Germany, and today calls Düsseldorf home. He has enjoyed a very active exhibition schedule for his work. Recent solo shows include “Mi Par D´Udir Ancora“ at AplusB in Brescia, Italy (2017); “Chansons dans le vide“ at Albert Baronian in Brussels, Belgium (2018); and “Lardo“ at Berthold Pott in Cologne (2018).

Max Frintrop

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