Mathilde Nardone

1994 · Belgium

Artist biography

Producing arresting still lifes with nothing more than fresh flowers and a scanner Mathilde Nardone’s works contradict and challenge the traditional classical formats we have grown accustomed to. Projecting her objects into the contemporary world, Nardone’s “photographs” show the temporality and fragility of life, occasionally crushing her subjects to a breaking point with the lid of the scanner. Capturing the imagination of her audience Nardone seeks to create a mental narrative around each piece.

Born in 1994 in Brussels, Belgium Mathilde Nardone received her Bachelors degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She went on to study at the Research School of Graphic Brussels.

Mathilde Nardone’s work has been the subject of both solo and group exhibitions in cities including Brussels, Milan, Paris, Budapest, Buzan, The Hague, and Berlin. She currently lives and works in Santiago, Chile.

Mathilde Nardone

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