Martina Vacheva

1988 · Bulgaria

Artist biography

Creating bold forms in both her paintings and her sculptural works, Bulgarian artist Martina Vacheva weaves themes borrowed from popular culture into her gritty and profound art.

Selecting motifs that span the history of human culture from ancient relief carvings to the modern television phenomenon of “Baywatch,” Vacheva renders these elements with a brutality visible as both violent and expressive. Accordingly, her work can be seen as critiquing these aspects of humankind’s legacy while also working to dismantle their illusion of perfection.

Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1988, Vacheva earned her degree from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and subsequently continued her studies in 2012 by becoming part of the illustrator’s class at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in Germany. In addition to receiving numerous awards, such as the BAZA/Young Visual Artist Award in 2017, she has also been an avid exhibitor of her work in a wide variety of locales. Recent showcases include “Lifestyles and Still Life” in London (2016); “The Image is no Longer Available” at Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia (2017); and “My Dear Provincialist” at Swimming Pool, Sofia (2017). Vacheva is represented by Sariev Contemporary.

Martina Vacheva

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