Mariel Capanna

United States

Artist biography

Interweaving a multitude of creative painterly practices into her innovative artistic approach, American artist Mariel Capanna uses her work as a lens for social and cultural commentary.

Finding much of her inspiration in the minutiae of the “bigger picture” of our modern world, Capanna channels in her paintings the power of personal memory as a vehicle for expression. Isolating the petite fragments that have the potential to pull forward massive emotional power, Capanna pulls her viewer inward to explore these nuances in each work.

Born and raised in South Philadelphia, Capanna achieved her BFA in 2013 from the Pennsylvania Academy of Art and, from that point, has advanced her practice thanks to the support of grants and fellowships. Her receipt of an Independence Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship, for example, granted her unfettered study of Florentine frescoes, a key influence in her work, and a Kittredge Fund afforded her a years’ worth of travel around the United States to find new sources of inspiration. Recent solo showcases of her work include “Inside Out” at Steve Turner in Los Angeles (2018) and “Hold On, Hold Me” at Charles Moffett in New York (2019).

Mariel Capanna

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