Maria Abaddon

1988 · Peru

Artist biography

Her artwork confronts the spectator with everyday violence and self-mortality, though it’s visible everyday through press and media, this normality does not allows a space for reflection. This mutilated, fragmented and repaired body shows our fragility as humans, as a specie and as a society. It also serves itself from the creation of acts and ritual spaces for sharing different mourning’s and meditations. Maria Abaddon has participated in several group shows, and her work as an artist and a cultural agent appears in different publications and thesis, such as: The feminine body on the Peruvian sculpture made by women (1990 – 2010) from the PUCP professor Lida Ivonne and the book: The Art Century from the National School of Fine Arts in collaboration with ICPNA. She is founder of Ambulante Gallery and Free Art School, projects in which she was looking for art’s democratization as an answer to her frustrations when facing bureaucracy and institutional deficiency in the National School of Fine Arts. She is also founder of the contemporary art fair La Carniceria (The butcher’s shop), which aims to raise awareness of the non-represented artists work, most of them coming from the activist or underground scene.

Maria Abaddon

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