1977 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Defining his practice as an ecstatic purge process, British artist Lung allows his subconscious mind to overfill with thoughts and concepts and then releases the floodgates to this imagination unto his canvases. In doing so, Lung advances the conversation on contemporary abstraction with each new concept or symbol released.

Lung works quickly in his compositions, not wanting his conscious mind to dominate but rather to maintain a sense of connectivity with these subconscious sources. He also starts with no clear path forward in his works, preferring instead to allow them to evolve naturally and with each new addition potential take a new direction. For his audience, this transforms many of Lung’s works into dreamlike apparitions, wherein one can become delightfully lost navigating the expansive realms Lung conveys.

Lung lives and works in London. He earned his MA degree from Central St. Martins and since has been exhibiting work internationally since 2003. Some of Lung’s recent group exhibitions include “VERSUS” at Parco Gallery in Tokyo, Japan (2004), “CUT IT OUT” at the Open Space Gallery in New York (2009), and “INTEL RE:MASTERED” at the Cube Gallery in Manchester, United Kingdom. Some of his notable solo exhibitions include “Babylon Be Still . . . I’m Trying to Read” at the Turntable Lab in Tokyo, Japan (2010) and “Lung: Unblock Me You Coward” at the PUBLIC Gallery in London.


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