Lu Xinjian

1977 · China

Artist biography

Lu Xinjian was born in a rural tea village in Jiangsu, China in 1977. He studied graphic design in Nanjing, China before going to Holland for further study

Coming from a design background, Lu won scholarships to study at both the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, and the Frank Mohr Instutute in Holland (MFA). Influenced by his own design study and experience, artist Lu Xinjian brings his particular understanding of the relationships among lines, shapes and colors into his artistic practice. It was only natural when he shifted his practice into the artistic realm, that these elements remain the most prominent in his artistic works. He was heavily influenced by the Dutch artists he encountered during his studies, in particular Mondrian and the de stijl movement and the leaders of the Dutch group of the Zero movement, Henk Peeters and Herman de Vries (with whom he later showed in Amsterdam in a 4 person show).

Almost by accident, Google Earth became Lu’s source of inspiration, as well as his crucial artistic instrument in the “City DNA” series; in this series of works, he traces the bird’s eye view landscapes of parts of different cities from around the world and abstracts them into simple patterns and lines. The work is done first by hand sketch then smartened up using Illustrator, and then methodically and laboriously transferred to canvas by hand.

Since 2009 the birth of his "City DNA" series, Lu has continued to create further series of works, exploring opt-art techinques with his "Invisible Poems", and then changing the angle of viewpoint on the urban landscapes with his "City Stream" paintings. With his "Constellation" series he turned his gaze upward to the stars (with a recent collaboration with Omega Watches and their "Constellation" watch. More recently he has used his skills to capture some of the world's grandest structures in his "Reflections" series, detailing in sumptuous colors, the interiors and exteriors of religious spaces, landmark buildings, and cityscapes reflected across water.

Lu’s works seamlessly combine simplicity and complexity, abstraction and concept. In each painting, the viewer can grasp the immediate and attractive visual characteristics of a certain city at a glance, yet the content itself is complex as the cityscape embodies the historical, economic and political history of that particular city to this day. Visually, the abstract presentation may seem randomly composed by lines, shapes and colors, yet the concept behind the works is rich and concrete.

Lu Xinjian

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