Lia Darjes

1984 · Germany

Artist biography

“My photographic work is always documentary in nature. I find it appealing to explore the limits of documentary photography and to anticipate the viewer’s experience while taking pictures”, Lia Darjes explains her way of working. Lia Darjes was born in Berlin in 1984 and grew up in Hamburg. She studied with Ute Mahler at HAW in Hamburg and then as a master class student with Ute Mahler and Ingo Taubhorn at Ostkreuzschule in Berlin. Lia Darjes became known for her series “Tempora Morte”, a documentary work that iconically exaggerates it‘s subject. Lia Darjes stages the modest range of goods that retirees in Kaliningrad offer on the roadside, apples from their own garden or mushrooms collected in the neighboring forest, as sumptuous still lifes. Hartmann Projects presents a publication in the fall of 2019.

Lia Darjes

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