Leelee Kimmel

1983 · United States

Artist biography

Leelee Kimmel works in Painting, Sculpture and Virtual Reality, (VR). Leelee’s paintings have been exploring themes of creation and destruction. Personal signage seemingly stamped but in 3D, popping off of the canvas in multilayered mutant spillage. These large scale abstractions are becoming more internalized, softer and stronger. It’s the macro and the micro, the human soul, spy vs spy, the descent and the climb. Clusters of shiny acrylic float in and out, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, invading each other and weaving across fields of mostly black ground.

Leelee Kimmel (née Sobieski) (b. 1983, New York) worked as an actress from 11 to 27. She stopped 8 years ago to have time to paint. She lives in New York with her husband, designer Adam Kimmel and their two children. Her father is French Painter Jean Sobieski with whom she daily WhatsApp’s. Her first first solo show, titled Channels, took place at The Journal Gallery, New York (2018). The same year, her work was presented for the first time in the UK, ‘Wormhole’ at Simon Lee Gallery, London (2018). Summer 2017 marked the first time Kimmel publicly showed her work, in the group show about collaboration ‘Feedback’ at Marlborough Contemporary

Leelee Kimmel

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