Lee Yun Hee

Republic of Korea

Artist biography

Lee Yun Hee is a visual artist, who originates from the Republic of Korea, like other well-known artists such as Doohyun Yoon, Han Soonja, Emerita Baik, Yunhee Min, and Seung Wook Sim.

About Lee Yun Hee's works

Lee Yun Hee is a prominent figure within the fields of Conceptual, Pop and Expressionism. Emerging as an art movement in the 1960s, Conceptualism has sparked a significant amount of controversy and debate, often provoking strong reactions in its viewership. Conceptual art by essence implies that the idea behind the actual artwork is more valuable than the finished product itself. The research and strategies conducted by the artist represent the most significant part of the work, conceptual art thus aims to be an art of the mind, instead of appealing to the senses. Although it refers to art from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s, the origins of Conceptualism can be traced back to 1917, with Marcel Duchamp and his polemical artwork Fontaine, which tried to erase the boundaries between art and reality. Conceptual art is not as straightforward as other movements, as it uses an interdisciplinary approach, and the productions can take the form of anything - from everyday objects to performances requiring audience participation.

It is British curator Lawrence Alloway who invented the term Pop-Art in 1955, to describe a new form of “Popular” art – a movement characterized by the imagery of consumerism, mass reproduction, the media and popular culture from which its name derives. The Pop Art artists took inspiration from advertising, pulp magazines, billboards, movies, television, comic strips, and shop windows for their humorous, witty and satirical works, which both can be seen as a celebration and a takedown of popular culture. Some critically acclaimed artists renowned for their contribution to Pop Art include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Richard Hamilton.

Thriving between 1905 and 1920, Expressionism denotes a movement that influenced literature, architecture, performances and art. Expressionist artists mainly wished to depict the world as it felt, rather than how it looked, thus permitting art to be reborn with an emotional truthfulness and expressive strength. Predominantly growing in Germany and Austria, Expressionists formed groups where they would share studios as well as exhibit or publish their works together - such groups include Die Brücke in Dresden, as well as Der Blaue Reiter in Munich. Although Expressionism can be considered a rather vast term that encompasses a multitude of tendencies, the artworks themselves are often characterized by unplanned gestural marks and distorted depictions, that would attempt to express the artist’s inner emotions. Some highly acclaimed paintings representative of Expressionism include Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Wassily Kandinsky’s Der Blaue Reiter, and Egon Schiele’s Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up.

Lee Yun Hee

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