Kresiah Mukwazhi

1992 · Zimbabwe

Artist biography

Through a careful selection of symbols and objects, there are striking similarities in the ways in which Mukwazhi composes her images and selects her media for her sculptural works. The fragmentation of the human form appears to be a common theme. In her photography, items of clothing or abandoned personal effects speak to a human body, no longer present; in her sculptural works, deconstructed undergarments encase human forms, covering the traditionally fragmented torsos of women's fashion mannequins with their amputated head and arms, their disembodied legs with pointed toes. Her paintings are like a procession of shadows, suggestive human figures stitched into one another, swirling around each other, scant cutouts of the clothing they would normally wear (or remove).

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Kresiah Mukwazhi

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