Katherina Olschbaur

1983 · Austria

Artist biography

Conjuring seemingly seductive forms through an artistic lens reminiscent of Surrealism, Austrian artist Katherina Olschbaur clearly comprehends the captivating nature of smooth washes of carefully placed color.

From a close-cropped view of a stiletto heel to a melding of bodily forms that languish across a canvas, Olschbaur’s paintings have an immediately tantalizing quality that is undeniable. The longer one looks, the more the viewer can take away from the work. The result is an innovative exchange between artist and audience.

Born in Bregenz, Austria, in 1983, Olschbaur trained at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts as well as at the Wimbledon College of Arts in London. Today, Olschbaur splits her time between Vienna and Los Angeles and is often embroiled in the exhibition of her work. Recent showcases include “Haunted by Strokes” at the Galerie Werkstadt in Graz, Austria (2016); “A Painters Table” at Blackbridge OFF Space in Beijing, China (2017); and “Deep Cuts” at PØST in Los Angeles, California (2019).

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Katherina Olschbaur

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