KAITO Itsuki

1993 · Japan

Artist biography

KAITO Itsuki is seen as an emerging contemporary artist, who was born and brought up in Japan, like other famous artists such as Izima Kaoru, Daidō Moriyama, Hideaki Yamanobe, Lieko Shiga, and Ryo Takahashi. KAITO Itsuki was born in 1993 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and is currently based between Tokyo and New York.

About KAITO Itsuki's works

"Kaito Itsuki grew up in Japan, renowned for its rigid etiquette, but her eccentric depictions of people that are either naked, half-naked or bearing swords for hands are not so polite. She often paints a figure named Belt Man, who appears tied up and restrained in various situations, but always on the edge of danger. He is poised to step on something spiky, or maybe just a tube of toothpaste, with one toe tied to a doorway."- Inez Valentine, Elephant Magazine 21/02/2020

KAITO Itsuki studied painting at Tohoku University of arts and design. KAITO also studied cultural anthropology, comparative religion and youth cultures which provided inspiration for the themes of her art works. She received an MFA from Kyoto city university of arts, and in 2019 moved to Tokyo and then New York.

KAITO Itsuki's art works have been shown internationally including Clear gallery Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), Art fair Philippines (Manila, Philippine), PDX contemporary art (Portland, US), Tong gallery+project (Beijing, China), and The Residence Gallery (London).

KAITO Itsuki's Gallery representation

KAITO Itsuki is represented by THE RESIDENCE GALLERY in London, the United Kingdom.

KAITO Itsuki

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