John Paul Fauves

1980 · Costa Rica

Artist biography

Fascinated by the notions of the self and the construction of identity, Costa Rican artist John Paul Fauves dazzles the viewers of his paintings with his playful yet pointed compositional mélanges.

Pulling together a wide variety of motifs and references in his work, Fauves engages with visual threads taken from across art history’s past to the present trends in social media. He then asks his viewers to then weave them together into an energetic visual array of color and form.

Born in Costa Rica in 1980, Fauves studied amongst an array of modern masters. He enjoyed the solo showcase of his work in 2017 at Guy Hepner Gallery in New York. This was the first of many exhibitions that witnessed the display of his work at various locales around the globe. In 2018 his work was included in a show at the Dopeness Art Lab in Taipei; the year following his work was featured in a showcase organized by JM Art Management in Los Angeles (2019).

John Paul Fauves

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