Jean Dubuffet

1901 - 1985 · France

Artist biography

As a pioneer of the Art Brut style, French artist Jean Dubuffet introduced the world to the concept of a new beauty that could be found in raw, gritty expression. Wanting to break from the refinement that had dominated generations of art, Dubuffet broke new ground in his use of new materials and methods of creation.

Finding his true artistic inspiration in his 40s, Dubuffet found that his creativity poured forth in the subsequent years. Experimenting across artistic media and genres and bringing unexpected tools to his artistic creations, Dubuffet embraced the contemporary fascination with the tensions of control and chance within a composition. The result was an invigorated study of surface, wherein his art both breaks down tradition while it builds up a symphony of synthesis.

Born in Le Havre in 1901, Dubuffet trained at the Parisian Académie Julian alongside future masters such as Fernand Léger and Suzanne Valadon. He left the Académie prematurely and gave up art for more than two decades; in the 1940s, however, Dubuffet found his creative drive once again and returned as a dynamic force within the Art Brut landscape. Today his works are treasured in acclaimed collections around the globe, including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Jean Dubuffet

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