Jason Seife

1989 · United States

Artist biography

Recreating the masterful meticulousness of the historic Persian textile tradition, American artist Jason Seife plays with the eyes of his viewers through the use of illusion.

Born in 1989, Seife was raised from a traditional Middle Eastern perspective and thus was afforded the opportunity to dive into the rich patterns and textures of Persian loomed carpets at a young age. Fascinated by their beauty, Seife also became enamored with the intricacy of the elements incorporated into each one. The longer he looked, the more he could sense the language of such weaving, the visual elements that tied motifs to certain groups or workshops. It is those hints of visual language that continue to inspire Seife today.

Born in the United States, Seife continues to promote his work through a variety of channels, including his own website.

Jason Seife

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