Jason Martin

1970 · United Kingdom

Artist biography

Jason Martin is a contemporary artist established at mid-career, who originates from the United Kingdom. Through colonisation and the consequent rise of its Empire, the United Kingdom reached the status of giant, although the wealth and economic power did not shelter it from the obvious cultural authority of other continents and countries. With the United States on one side and its European neighbours on the other, Britain had been to a somewhat significant extent outshined by their respective influence on the art of the modern world. But it is towards the end of the nineteenth century that it truly became an essential and crucial agent in the development of the avant-garde, through major and progressive trends such at the Arts and Crafts Movement, which would become essential to the further development of bohemian artists movements or other artist-led organisation of the twentieth century. Vorticism is a significant movement, essentially characteristic of British modernism, it involved artists renowned for their association to the Bloomsbury group. A few critically acclaimed British artists of the modern and contemporary era include Stanley Spencer, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Leon Kossoff, Frank Auerbach, David Hockney, Bridget Riley and Paula Rego among others – as well as the YBA generation led by Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin, Marc Quinn and Chris Ofili, in more recent years. Jason Martin is 50 years old, being born in 1970. Some of his contemporaries that is from the same generation and country include Lorna Simpson, Jean Michel Basquiat, Gary Hume, Edmund de Waal and Yinka Shonibare.

About Jason Martin's work

Jason Martin is best known for making abstract work. Born in the early 20th century, abstract art can be defined as a movement escaping the classical definition of art, which succeeded in creating its own tradition through freedom and a new perception of reality. n abstract artworks, the objects are schematised, modified, and hold little to no reference to reality. Abstract art represents a pivotal moment in modernism, and its roots can be traced to Impressionism. With Abstraction, the artists are free to explore deep into their emotions, and create completely new and liberated representations of the world, which are inherent to their own perception of it. Wassily Kandinsky, who believed that colours and shapes could be used to represent the artist’s inner turmoil, is often considered as the father of abstract art.

Jason Martin's Biographical Context

Born in 1970 Jason Martin was largely inspired by the 1980s in the artist's early years. The 1980s were an era of increasing global capitalism, political upheaval, worldwide mass media, wealth discrepancies and unique music and fashion, characterised by hip hop and electronic pop music. This had a strong impact on the generation of artists growing up during this decade. The fall of the Berlin Wall at the end of the decade marked the end of the Cold War, yet the era was also marked by the African Famine. During this time leading art movements included Neo Geo, The Pictures Generation and Neo-Expressionism, which took a particular hold in Germany, France and Italy. Artists such as Anselm Kiefer, Jörg Immendorf, Enzo Cucchi, Francesco Clemente and Julian Schnabel were key artists working at this time, alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf, who developed the street art and graffiti movements, which quickly gained recognition.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Jason Martin's work is available on display in several galleries around the globe such as in United Kingdom, Finland, and Austria. The galleries include Lisson Gallery | London in London, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac | London in London, as well as Cortesi Gallery | London in London. Jason Martin's work has most recently been displayed during the exhibition Long Way Home at Lisson Gallery | London in London, United Kingdom. The exhibition was open from the 14 May 2019 until the 21 June 2019. Jason Martin's other most recent exhibitions listed on Artland include the exhibitions at; Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki (22 August 2019 - 21 September 2019) with the name Nostalgic For The Present and Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac | Paris Pantin in Paris (27 August 2018 - 28 September 2018) with the name IT COMES IN WAVES. Jason Martin's first recorded exhibition in Artland's database was called GROUP SHOW and took place at Mimmo Scognamiglio Artecontemporanea in Milan, Italy from the 09 May 2018 to 26 July 2018.

Jason Martin has two work for sale at present available on Artland, including painting and painting.

Jason Martin in private collections

On Artland Jason Martin's art can only be found in the following collection: Jimenez -Colon Collection, which, for instance, also has works by other prominent and critically acclaimed artists including Cristiano Carotti, Alessandro Simonini, and Hur Kyung-Ae.

Jason Martin

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