Jan Turner

1971 · Czech Republic

Artist biography

An individualist who has never shifted from his demands on artistic creation as a means of constantly changing his own attitudes and a new look at the world, which he probably gained even with his unshakeable position on the periphery of the art scene. Like the Zen koans or the bounty of the current head of state, Turner’s works proclaim their paradoxical, relaxed openness to a barrage of logic and convention, liberating or instead disrupting our minds from stale concepts and expectations. Turner deliberately guides us through his works into specific mental situations that are not a different foundation than to arise from the conceivable and sensible, in other words: to reconfigure his image of the world. Often, he consciously balances himself at the edge of aesthetic acceptance, avoids moments of embarrassment, or is surprisingly sensitive to intimate positions, and shares his doubts about the barriers of the art world, while the hostile-looking “conceptual” symbolically deploys a civilian, human face.

Jan Turner

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