Inge H. Schmidt

1952 · Germany

Artist biography

Inge H. Schmidt (born 1952, Wiehe, Germany) lives and works in Berlin. Influenced by the centuries-old European tradition of depicting the human figure, Inge H. Schmidt is best known as a painter and drawer of ‘Heads’ with an expressively charged realism. The ‘Heads’ are mostly portraits of unknown people. As a passionate traveller, she is inspired by encounters with people in remote parts of the world. The adventurous backpack journeys with paint and sketch block have taken her not only to Eurasia, but also to territories in South East Asia and Latin America. With her particular feel for colour and remarkable brushwork, she succeeds in capturing the universality of human beings within indeterminate spaces. Besides her ‘Heads’, she also paints landscapes and still lifes in her distinctive, expressionistic, gestural and colourful style.

Inge H. Schmidt

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