Imi Knoebel

1940 · Germany

Artist biography

A pioneer in the field of abstract painting and sculpture in the latter half of the twentieth century, German artist Imi Knoebel uses his work to explore the very meaning of painting and its role in creative expression.

Breaking down the boundaries between painting and sculpture, Knoebel conjures works that incorporate minimalist principles while also embracing the amorphous, organic forms of abstraction. By considering these spaces, Knoebel simultaneously welcomed a pureness of form or concept in his works, thereby positioning his oeuvre as essential to the evolution of twentieth-century art.

Born in Dessau in 1930, Knoebel studied at the Darmstadt School of Arts and Crafts in Düsseldorf. It was there where Knoebel became friends with leading modernists the likes of Joseph Beuys, and it was thanks to their inspiration that Knoebel began to explore the principles of painting and the rudiments of expression. His work has been showcased in numerous solo exhibitions, including at the Haus der Kunst in Munich, and the Hamburger Bahnof in Berlin.

Imi Knoebel

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