Ib Geertsen

1919 - 2009 · Denmark

Artist biography

As a co-founder of Linien II, artist Ib Geersten was an essential figure in the rise of Danish modernism in the twentieth century.

Born in Copenhagen in 1919, Geertsen was a self-taught artist who teamed up with artist colleague Thorvald Hansen and other painters from Aalborg in 1937 to begin to explore a new means of compositional naturalism. At the same time, Geertsen looked to the plays of color and form, a pursuit that led to his interest in an even more streamlined compositional style.

Once Linien II formed in the late 1940s, Geersten further simplified his style into universal geometric forms and saturated colors. By the later years of the century, Geertsen had achieved notable success. In addition to receiving both the Eckerberg Medal in 1978 and the Thorvaldsen Medal in 1991, Geertsen was commissioned for hanging works to be displayed in both the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (1980) and the Statens Museum for Kunst (1998).

Ib Geertsen

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