Hartmut Stockter


Artist biography

Hartmut Stockter is a modern visual artist, who originates from Germany, like other well-known artists such as Philipp Schwalb, Knut Eckstein, Tobias Dostal, Sylvia Perlet-Pfefferkorn, and Eitan Rieger.


Hartmut Stockter most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Format Artspace in Copenhagen (17 August 2018 until 22 September 2018) with the exhibition Souvenirs fra ingenmandsland. Hartmut Stockter's only other recorded exhibition on Artland is ReSee, which took place at Galerie MøllerWitt in Copenhagen, Denmark (19 May 2017 - 28 June 2017).

Hartmut Stockter in private collections

There are two collectors in possession of art by Hartmut Stockter at Artland. These collectors include Mikkel Amby and Peggy, who also has works by other artists including Shahnaz Aghayeva, Søren Behncke, and Farhad Farzali.

Hartmut Stockter

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