Hannah Wilke

1940 · United States

Artist biography

Hannah Wilke is seen as an established contemporary artist, who originates from the United States. Hannah Wilke was born in 1940. Some of the artist's contemporarie that are from the same generation and country include Ray Harryhausen, Gene Davis, Diane Arbus, Ellsworth Kelly and Roy Lichenstein.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Hannah Wilke is represented and exhibited by Alison Jacques Gallery in London, the United Kingdom. Hannah Wilke most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Alison Jacques Gallery in London (27 September 2018 until 21 December 2018) with the exhibition Solo Exhibition . Hannah Wilke's other most recent exhibitions recorded on Artland include the exhibitions; Erotic Abstraction (01 April 2020 - 21 May 2020) at Acquavella Galleries in New York and By / Buy Me (05 December 2019 - 24 January 2020) at Susan Inglett Gallery in New York. Hannah Wilke's first recorded exhibition in Artland's database was called Solo Exhibition and took place at Alison Jacques Gallery in London, the United Kingdom from the 27 September 2018 to 21 December 2018.

Historical Context of United States

The United States has been a prominent country in the development of modern and contemporary art in the twentieth century, particularly in the post war era, when the cultural importance of New York asserted its influence over Paris, previously thought of as the most powerful art hub worldwide. Leading art movements established and cultivated in significant ways throughout the United States include Abstract Expressionism in varied forms, Pop Art, including its West and East Coast branches, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Neo-Expressionism, Graffiti and Street Art, plus a multitude of post-modern iterations of these many movements. In the modern and contemporary sphere, the United States has cultivated a prevailing influence over the worldwide visual culture, due to the dominion of its economic and political institutions. Key examples of critically acclaimed U.S artists of the modern and contemporary era include Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Donald Judd, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Julian Schnabel, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Further Biographical Context for Hannah Wilke

Hannah Wilke was born in 1940, grew up during the 1950s and was inspired by the artistic culture of the time. In the Post-War period the lens of modernism was focused, in terms of international attention, on developments in New York City. The Second World War had brought many important artists to the city in exile from Europe, leading to a substantial pooling of talent and ideas. Influential Europeans that came to New York and provided inspiration for American artists included Piet Mondrian, Josef Albers and Hans Hoffmann, who between them set the grounds for much of the United States’ explosive cultural growth in the decades thereafter. Important artists of the Abstract Expressionist Generation included Jackson Pollock (who innovated his famed drip, splatter and pour painting techniques), Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Frank Kline, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still and Adolph Gottlieb. It was a male dominated environment, though necessary revisionism of this period has highlighted the contributions of female artists such as Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, and Louise Bourgeois, amongst others.

Hannah Wilke

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