Greet Helsen

1962 · Belgium

Artist biography

Providing a breath of fresh air and an illustration of the brighter side of life, Greet Helsen creates colourful abstract paintings inspired by nature. Utilising mainly acrylic paints as if they are watercolours, Helsen’s abstract works include transparent and superimposed colours accentuated and punctuated by white backgrounds and lines of ink. Her work is characterised by its lightness and harmonious combinations of colour -- soothing and pleasing to the eye.

Born in 1962, in Hoogstraten, Belgium, she graduated from the Assenza Visual Art School in Switzerland in 1984. Shortly thereafter she founded her own art school in Dortmund, Germany which she owned and directed until 1998. She then taught at the Assenza Visual Art School until she became the manager of the NetzWerk Art School in Münchenstein, Switzerland where she still lives and works.

Greet Helsen has exhibited throughout Europe and the United States in cities including Los Angeles, Bern, Köln, München, and Basel, among many others. She often participates in art fairs throughout Switzerland and Germany.

Greet Helsen

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