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The Giuseppefraugallery collective (Eleonora Di Marino, Pino Giampà, Riccardo Oi and Davide Porcedda) was founded in 2009 in a territory characterised by major economic, social, environmental and cultural hard- ship: Sulcis Iglesiente, in south-west Sardinia. Devastated by the intensive exploitation of resources due first to mining and then to industrial activities, responsible for the poisoning of the land, water and air, not to mention the delocalisation of numerous factories, leaving a great number of people unemployed. The collapse of an obsolete, century-old model of development could not but be transformed into an opportunity: a dream of reclamation and cultural reconversion guided the finest experiences to have emerged from the territory. From here arises the need to create a point of reference for contemporary art, a powerful means by which to read the past and imagine the future. The collective has always dealt with the main issues of the territory and worked to unearth its hidden aspects, in the attempt to provide the community with the tools needed to face the transformations underway with a critical gaze. From their earliest actions, in which they intervened directly in the rewriting of a long-lost popular tradition, the Carnival of Iglesias, to their arrival on the political scene so as to implement the notion of culture as the matrix of a new model of development, supporting factory workers in their campaign for economic reconversion, and from their work designed to sensitise the population with regard to themes of sustainable development and the safeguarding of the environment to the creation of a Contemporary Civic Art School, the collective has always acted through the fields of art and activism, experimenting with new forms of cultural resilience and resistance, setting themselves the aim of making a tangible effect on their reality, leading communities to come up with alternative and innovative forms of development.


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