Giorgio Sommer

1834 - 1914 · Germany

Artist biography

Giorgio Sommer was a creative artist, who originated from Germany, like other renowned artists such as Andreas Fux, Daniele Ansidei, Stefan Sehler, Matthias Danberg, and Ce Jian. Born in 1834, Giorgio Sommer passed away in 1914.

About Giorgio Sommer's work

Giorgio Sommer's work is fundamentally representative of figurative art. Often perceived as the contrary of abstraction, figurative art also exists beyond just a simple depiction of reality. Although it essentially implies the ability to represent a real-world subject, the style, approaches and mediums that can be chosen by the artist are endless, which gives figurative art the possibility to be truly innovative and radical. Some glorious examples of figurative art include Henri Matisse’s sculpture The Serf, or Pablo Picasso’s painting Les Demoiselles D’Avignon.

Giorgio Sommer

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