Genesis Tramaine

1983 · United States

Artist biography

From collage, acrylic to oil based paintings, Genesis Tramaine’s work represents the American Black Face and explores the underrepresented soul, experience and multiplicity of Black people’s lives. By allowing her work to become a portal into the lives of her subjects, Tramaine infuses a deep sense of complexity, sensitivity and maturity onto her canvas. With her vivid colour palette and lively brushstrokes, Tramaine creates an emotive experience and brings her subjects to life as they transcend gender, race and social structure. Though her subjects represent real moments and experience, the expressive nature of Tramaine’s work becomes a metaphorical mind-map, one for self-reflection and psychological experience. Themes such as ethics, insanity, spirituality and sexuality are often explored through her art and she also demonstrates an interest in shifting the conversation around religious art.

Tramaine was born in Brooklyn in 1983 and has deep roots in the American South. Her passion and family’s encouragement permeate her work as she brings her abstract portraits to life. Tramaine received a formal education, earning a Bachelor’s degree from Utica College at Syracuse University and a Master’s degree from Pace University. Tramaine has exhibited her work on a national and international scale, including exhibitions at Art Front Galleries in New York and The Raging Spoon Gallery in Toronto. Notably, Tramaine featured in a solo presentation titled “Pointing Fingers” in 2017 at Gallery Aferro in Newark.

Genesis Tramaine

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