Geissler & Sann

1996 · Germany

Artist biography

Beate Geissler (born 1970 in Neuendettelsau, Germany) and Oliver Sann (born 1968 in Düsseldorf, Germany) are artists who live and work in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann, mainly educated as photographers, photo designers and video artists, among others by Thomas Struth, Candida Höfer and Hugh Ashley Rayner, in Germany and the UK in the 90s, have been active as an Artist couple since 1996. Being currently Associate Professor of Art (University of Illinois, Chicago) resp. Assistant Professor (School of The Art Institute, Chicago) and artists at the same time, they both have been granted since years. Their work like e.g. “Methadone” (2016) is represented in the MOCP, Chicago, Illinois, USA and other public and private collections. Their work concentrates on inner alliances of knowledge and power, their deep links in western culture and the escalation in and transformation of human beings and environments through technology like shown in the series “Volatile Smile” (2011), “The Real Estate” (2009) or “Personal Kill” (2007) series. Within their collaborative contemporary art space the artists’ work spans (political) science, anthropology, sociology, philosophy.

Geissler & Sann

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