Florian Meisenberg

1980 · Germany

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Florian Meisenberg's work is available on display in Avlskarl Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark and Simone Subal Gallery in New York, the United States. Florian Meisenberg most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Avlskarl Gallery in Copenhagen (25 August 2017 until 25 October 2017) with the exhibition ACTING & AGING (ODORLESS JOURNEY).

Florian Meisenberg in private collections

Florian Meisenberg's works can be seen in K collection on Artland. This collection also contains works by renowned artists Liam Fallon, Mar Hernández, and Dan Schein.

Further Biographical Context for Florian Meisenberg

Florian Meisenberg was born in 1980 in Berlin. He graduated from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2010. Selected solo shows: Zabludowicz Collection (2019); Simone Subal Gallery, New York (2013, 2015, 2018); Avlskarl Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark (2017); Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne (2014); Kasseler Kunstverein, Kassel, Germany (2014); Kunst aus NRW / Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst, Ehemalige Reichsabtei, Aachen, Germany (2012); Wentrup Gallery, Berlin (2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019); Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany (2011); Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany (2009). Recent selected group exhibitions: neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin, Germany (2018); Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany (2017); Broehan Museum, Berlin, Germany , (2017); Broehan Museum, Berlin, Germany, (2017); Kiasma Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, (2017); Philadelphia, (Cat.) (2017); Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, (Cat.) (2016); , Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Germany, (Cat.) (2016); Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, Bonn (2015); Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany (2015, 2019 (with Anna K.E.)); Goethe Institute, Hong Kong; Ausstellung in der Sammlung Kunst aus NRW in der ehemaligen Reichsabtei Aachen-Kornelimünster, Aachen, Germany (2014); Museum Kunsten, Aalborg, Denmark (2014); Queens Museum of Art, New York, USA (2014); Grieder Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland (2013); Galerie Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart, Germany (2013); Boros Collection II, Berlin, Germany (2012); Avlskarl Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark (2012); Solinger Kunstmuseum, Solingen, Germany (2011); New Talents Biennale 2010, Cologne, Germany (2010); Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany (2010); Kunstverein Langenhagen, Germany (2010). In 2018, Distanz published Meisenberg’s third monograph with the title: SOMEWHERE, SIDEWAYS DOWN, AT AN ANGLE, BUT VERY CLOSE

Florian Meisenberg

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